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Concrete Block & Beam Flooring

Block & Beam

The block and beam system is a reinforced beam laid across or between walls. These beams are infilled with aircrete blocks and have the advantage of being a completely dry construction system. Once laid, the floor is strong and safe and can be used as a platform to continue your building project.

Rigid construction

A block and beam floor eliminates the bounce associated with timber floors. Shrinkage is minimal and block and beam floors do not creak in use.


Noise within homes is a source of concern to home owners. Block and beam concrete floors, used for years in the construction of flats, are now widely used in housing to produce quieter homes.

Rapid installation

As the block and beam floor is delivered to site ready for use, only simple installation techniques are needed; floors are quickly installed ready for following trades.

Safe working platform

As soon as the flooring is installed, the floor can safely be used as a working platform, allowing the inner leaf construction work to commence.

Thermal flooring systems

Thermal flooring systems are a simple and cost effective way to create a fully insulated suspended floor. They comprise a deep beam with interlocking precision cut, solid core polystyrene panels, providing an unbroken layer of insulation. The floor is then finished with a structural screed.

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