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Why Insulate?

Insulation in the walls, loft and floor of your home prevents heat loss in winter (and also heat gain in summer) and:

1. Reduces your energy consumption for heating leading to:

  •  Lower heating bills (approximately 30% lower per year)
  •  Lower 'wear and tear' on your boiler
  •  Lower CO2 emissions from your local power station
  •  Reduced Global Warming and Climate Change
  •  A more sustainable future
  • 2. Blocks outside noise (e.g. from cars and planes) if insulation is made from mineral wool.

    3. Increases resistance of your home to fire - if insulation is made from mineral wool.

    For example, in the UK a centrally heated home built in the 1970's without insulation would consume about five times as much as a home built to today's Building Regulations. The level of insulation in homes in all European countries has been increasing as Governments have recognised the advantages of energy efficiency and also increased home comfort.

    The two most effective ways to increase the 'energy efficiency' of an older home are:

    • Installing contact facade insulation on external walls
    • Increasing the thickness of insulation in the roof

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