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Construction Board

Fibre Cement provides a solid and durable surface on which to tile. For years we have believed that Fibre Cement is the industry standard when it comes to tile backing and that traditional methods such as plywood or plasterboards are no longer fit for purpose. This has recently been highlighted by a change in the British Standards advising not to tile on these substrates but rather use an appropriate tile backing board.

The strength of Fibre Cement means you can have minimal build-up on floors and walls without compromising on strength or integrity of the substrate. 6mm PrePrimed NoMorePly compares 18mm plywood but comes with the added benefits of fewer fixings, no step into the tiled area, and with it being waterproof, it doesn’t weaken or warp when damp. 

Price sheet
£11.99 +VAT
Price sheet
£19.99 +VAT

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