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Leadax is a new generation of lead alternative which is not only easier to use but also easier on your pocket. 

From cavity walls to chimneys, Leadax is used and processed in exactly the same way as lead — without compromise!

Leadax has the same natural look as traditional sheet lead, however it leaves no staining on roof tiles or masonry. The life expectancy is at least 20 years.

The basic raw material is recycled PVB. PVB is the foil that is used in laminated glass (e.g. car windows or safety glass).

Leadax has been certified by BBA & KIWA.

Leadax comes in lead grey as standard. However the product is also available in black, roof tile red and different colours are available, such as copper.

  • Leadax can be used as a water barrier in (cavity) walls and under casings.
  • At the intersection between chimney bases and roof tiles.
  • At chimney flashings to provide a water barrier.
  • Leadax can be applied to the base of dormers and skylights as a waterproofing layer at the joint between dormer side walls and tiled roofs.
  • As a watertight connection between an outside wall and an extension. Use Leadax masonry clips to attach Leadax to masonry joints.
  • Leadax can be used as valley gutters and waterproofing on the ridges of (tiled) roofs.
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