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Product Code: 78XMS5100

The Stanley FatMax Chalk is a 30-metre chalk line. It has many properties that make it a very useful tool. The set would mostly be used by trade professionals. The case is made of ABS plastic, which has impact-resistant properties. The Stainless steel end hook is more durable and increases rust prevention. The Chalk line unit has rubber edges and is slimmer in shape, making it overall easier to hold. The chalk line unit has a clutch system, to help release the string, instead of unwinding it. If you hold down the rotation handle, it frees the clutch and lets you easily pull out the string with your free hand. Once the line is hooked in place and at the length you need it, turn the top of the unit (where the string came out) against the table. This tightens the string and lets you snap it against the table. That should leave you with a visible chalk line. When you've finished, the string line can be drawn back with the handle rotation. The chalk line unit has a visible refill lid that can easily be opened and closed. The set comes with 1 chalk line unit, 1 black pen, and 1 blue coloured refill chalk.


  • Clutch - Allows line extension without handle rotation.
  • Ergonomic design - The rugby ball-shaped chalk line makes it easy to grip than a fully round tool.
  • Stainless steel end hook - this gives the hook added durability and rust prevention.
  • Length: 30 meters/100ft
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